Macro codes are case sensitive. Do they need to be?

Just mulling over the macro functionality.

Macro codes are case sensitive, but you can't make the same code in lower case and upper case e.g. @ga and @GA can not exist on the same system. But if you have a macro @ga the @GA will not expand.

So the system kind of contradicts itself.

Maybe if everything gets converted to lower case when expanding a macro? @GA will convert to @ga and then expand. (And also if you save @GA as a macro then @ga would also expand).

Or make them case sensitive & able to have both @GA & @ga.

I know it is a small thing, but for some reason I keep bumping into it when I'm typing my notes.

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Re: Macro codes are case sensitive. Do they need to be?

Macros have been round for so long that I think any change to ignore case may trip people up.

This is in part because when macros were first introduced, there was no restriction as to what constituted a macro. The convention has been that they are prefixed with @, but that isn't enforced; any word will do.

The reason you can't have both @GA and @ga is at the database level, where the two codes are treated the same.

If there are strong feelings about ignoring case for macros we can revisit it, but my preference would be to leave as is.

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