Open VPMS Won't Open


I use an older version of OpenVPMS on a Toshiba Satellite Pro laptop running Windows 7 to run a very small mobile practice as a sideline to my regular work.

Windows Explorer was not working, so after Googling several forums I turned off all startup items except one from Windows.

After that I could not open OpenVPMS & got the attached error message.

I enabled all the startup items, but still can't open OpenVPMS.

Any help to fix this (hopefully using words of one syllable!) would be greatly appreciated.


Ross Beatty

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Re: Open VPMS Won't Open

looks like your server within your laptop is either not running or is blocking you from connecting. After re-establishing those startup things, did you reboot?

Re: Open VPMS Won't Open

Problem now fixed.


Thanks Tim & Matt

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