Parasiticide SMS reminders

Re parasiticide reminders:
We currently use external reminder system provided by iRecall for parasiticides, which is able to provide reminders as below - 
For a six pack of say Simparica (monthly flea & tick control chew) we can send a reminder to give chew monthly for 5 months then on the 6th, advise re-purchase.
It would be great if OpenVPMS were sophisticated enough to provide this. One for the future?

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Re: Parasiticide SMS reminders

Open can accomplish this already.

On a Simparica sale the sale would trigger 2 reminders 

1. To give the 5th tablet (this would trigger once then cancel)

2. Advise repurchase - this would reset on purchase. and may include follow up reminders.


Quite doable with no code changes required.

To be honest I don't understand why anyone would use an external reminder provider with Open - with the exception of a service that sent pretty cards.  But in Australia ...honestly the post is a joke and if you're servicing the younger generation...I am not sure post is effective anyway.  

In 2.1 there is almost no work in sending email and sms reminders (if setup) the printed reminders still need to be generated at an interval discussed in the practice.


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Re: Parasiticide SMS reminders

Agree Ben.

Love our new reminders in 2.1



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