Reducing Clicks and improving productivity

Hi All,

Matt C's by line "Every click eliminated is good for the soul" has got me thinking.

Just wondering if there has been any discussion, and if so, where is the discussion up to, about possibly looking at a wholesale revamp of the front end of OpenVPMS.  The HTML that the software is using is now, I gather, somewhat out of date, and there are some great examples of newer browser based software (eg: Reckon accounts on line ) that have some really neat features and performance improvements that I think could take OpenVPMS to the whole next level.

I am very well aware that such an undertaking and project would be massive, but I think the opportunity for the program would enormous if we can improve the front end user experience.

I'm not on the steering committee or a developer, so speaking a little out of my depth about things here but I'm keen to help and look and improving the user experience.

Development and improvement of:

  • Drag and drop
  • Use of the RIGHT mouse click functionality
  • Reassessment of the screen real-estate and what do vets and nurses actually need to see on the screen
  • Improved 'edit' functionality to reduce the need to always chose 'edit' before making any changes  (just one more click)
  • Improved investigation workflow
  • etc

Happy to be involved as much or little as the community would like me to be with this, and am well aware that I am not a developer and as such don't always have a great concept of what can be done 'easily' or 'possible but with great frustration'

Many thanks

David Mason


PS; - I'll be at FASAVA this week if anyone wants to chew my ear off about this.  Mostly in and around the surgery program in Rm 6.

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Re: Reducing Clicks and improving productivity

David - I concur. Tim A has a new framework in mind (to replace the aging one [Spring] that we currently use) called Vaadin. You can have a play with a demo app built using it at

There was some hope [on my part] that this would be part of the 2.0 release, but Tim A has been adding features at such a rate (see that work on the user interface has been put aside

Designing and building a new User Interface is a major undertaking.  I suspect that rather that the current development process of shipping alpha-test releases to a very limited set of people, and them making a beta test available to a wider audience, it may be of benefit to put up a test/demo using the new interface and let people play with it. However, there is definitely a major trade off between getting a wide set of comments and getting informed & helpful comments on one's new baby.

There may also be some benefit in adopting a 'not all at once' approach as Microsoft has done with the Control Panel/Settings interfaces - levaing the old Control Panel in place, and gradually migrating stuff to the new Settings interface. That is the current OpenVPMS stays as is but a new login screen or option leads to the new User Interface which is initially populated only with the limited set of functions to do day-to-day stuff, ie schedules, worklists, customer create/edit, patient create/edit, invoice/credit/counter sale/payment.

To your wish list, I would add the ability to both handle large screens [ever look at the density of information on your GP's screen], but also be usable on a mobile phone/tablet.

NOTE that the above are the thoughts of Tim G, and are not to be taken as OpenVPMS policy or promises.

Regards, Tim G

Re: Reducing Clicks and improving productivity


I suggest this is an important project and one that is worthy of, and an important part of a 2.0 release. Not only from a visual refresh point of view but as an opportunity to improve basic workflows.

It is in my mind what the development fund is required for. 

Re: Reducing Clicks and improving productivity

Love the whole concept. 

An opt-in, configurable implemntation is a great concept for gently introducing the changes and required staff training Tim. 

Although new features that are opened up and future development which would be dependennt on the new interface would make eventual adoption of thwe new user framework essential I suspect.

Put my hand up with David as a user tester if needed.



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