Reminders - What happens if a mobile number is added after the reminder has been created

Hi everyone,

Hope all are staying well in these strange times.


I hope my understanding of this issue is accurate.

Since going to SMS and email reminders in some specific reminders, we have noticed that fewer reminder have been sent using those methods than we anticipated. More accurately, those methods seem to be increasing slower than anticipated.

Our issue seems to be tthat if a product with a linked reminder is billed and the customer does not have an email or SMS's able mobile, the reminder is generated as a print reminder. If in between the time between the product being billed and the reminder coming due (lets say a year later), the customer may have had emails and mobile options created but the reminder will remain a print reminder.

Is there a way to get OpenVPMS to reapply the logic at the time of the reminder generation or is our understanding of this incorrect and have we stuffed up our configuration?


Matt C

PS. Stay safe all


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Re: Reminders - What happens if a mobile number is added ...

The reminders should only be queued shortly before they are due to be sent. What does your Reminder Configuration look like?

Re: Reminders - What happens if a mobile number is added ...

Thanks so much TIm,

It looks good in the config. 0 day lead times across the board.


I think I'll monitor a bit more closely and see if I am jumping at shadows and missing the obvious :-)

Thanks Matt


PS. Every time I go into the Reminder architecture I am blow away by the design in there. Amazing work between you and Tony. Amazing.

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