Report Download Instructions


We've typed this instruction document (that is attached) on how to download reports from the website and save them into OpenVPMS. I thought other users may find this helpful.


How to Download & Setup a Report on OpenVPMS

Downloading the report and saving it to our system

  • Right click on the Report attachment and select ‘save target as’
  • Save in your preferred location with the file name extension of a full stop immediately after the name and the letters jrxml, eg: Cash Sales Report.jrxml
  • SAVE AS TYPE = ALL FILES and click on SAVE.

Adding a template & loading the Report into OpenVPMS

  • NEW
  • Name the report
  • Select the template type
  • Set the User level
  • Set the Report Type
  • Set the Paper Size
  • Select the Orientation
  • OK

  • Click on EDIT
  • Click on SELECT and BROWSE to locate the file you saved earlier
  • Select the file to load in OpenVPMS
  • Click on SEND and then OK.

Downloading Reports from the website and importing into OpenVPMS.doc