Vaccine templates inc. product attachment for stock control purposes


I am wanting to develop a fee for a vaccine including a link with the product so I can track stock quantities. 

So for example I need a template which will read on the invoice "Vaccine Kennel Cough" $80.

Linked to this fee (but not visible to the client) I want the product Canigen KC vacc $8.84 for stock control purposes.

How do I go about setting this up please?

I've tried "Templates" but you can't have one main fee it's just a combination of all the products within the Template.

"Product Price Templates" seem to just be set up for dispensing fees etc.

"Service" doesn't allow me to attach a product.

What do other people do please?

Kind regards,





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Re: Vaccine templates inc. product attachment for stock ...

One way to do this (OpenVPMS 1.9 and later) would be to:

  • create a service product, Vaccine Kennel Cough Service with:
    • a fixed price of $80 dollars
    • Use Only In Templates ticked - users won't be able to charge this service directly
  • create a template named Vaccine Kennel Cough that has:
    • Print Aggregate ticked
    • includes:
      • Vaccine Kennel Cough Service
      • Canigen KC vacc, with Zero Price ticked

When charging Vaccine Kennel Cough, two line items will be created:

  • Vaccine Kennel Cough Service, charged at $80.00
  • Canigen KC vacc charged at $0.00

In the invoice, the customer will see a single line item, Vaccine Kennel Cough.

Note that you need to have loaded Invoice templates from OpenVPMS 1.8 or higher to make use of the Print Aggregate feature.

Re: Vaccine templates inc. product attachment for stock ...

Much appreciated, that's very helpful thank you!


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Re: Vaccine templates inc. product attachment for stock ...

Hi Karen,


We do exactly as Tim has suggested and it works well.


We also use this feature with prepaid items (which for us includes: FIV vaccines / pentosan courses / proheart injections based on patient weight intervals (10-20kg) / etc)  If we use templates for these we can attach fees to the item to account for the cost and then also account for the stock. 

Can also use this for anaesthetics if you wanted to account for the premed / induction and maintenance products but at a single set price too.




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