Web site Update / Upgrade

I am going to propose that we look to update the website for the 2.1 release.  I think 2.1 is going to include the UI updates. 

Thus I think we should strongly consider a website update that keeps the online image of OpenVPMS professional.  

I would propose a (controversial) move from Drupal to Wordpress.  While Drupal 8 or 9 could be considered I think both have a level of technical management that is not well suited to a volunteer-run organisation unless that organization funnels money into site maintenance.  

Wordpress while potential not as adaptable (although you can build almost anything for it) is far more user-friendly and larger support base.

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Re: Web site Update / Upgrade

The 2.1 release will have a shorter cycle than 1.9 -> 2.0 and occur later in this year.
It won't include a revamped UI. That is likely to occur in the following release.

I don't have any strong preference for what platform we use but the following are required:

  • subscription payment and reminders
  • forums (including migration of existing content)
  • CSH must be accessible via the same URLs to avoid breaking existing installations
  • CSH book duplication


Re: Web site Update / Upgrade

At this point all I propose is it gets some consideration and potentially we may need to consider some development funding.

I would propose we engaged a website developer to handle the migration.

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