naming convention for drugs

Hi, Could you give some advice on a naming convention for entering medications in the products list. How do you specify that the printed name comes up on the drug label rather than the searched name. Thanks

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Re: naming convention for drugs

Hi Sam, There is really no naming convention for drugs except a suggestion to utilise names that can be easily found by staff. In regards the the name and printed name the standard drug label templates supplied with the system utilise the name component as the printed name may not be specific enough to satisfy local legal requirements. The printed name is utilised on invoices and credits only. Of course all of these can be changed by editing the jasper report templates and attaching the modified report definitions to the appropriate template. Cheers Tony

Re: naming convention for drugs

Hi Sam, We have been using the first four letters of the generic drug name followed by the type of medication then the strength. A bit complicated with drugs with multiple components but Calvulox comes out as: amclt250 (alphabetical arrangement of components, tablets, 250 mg) amcli175 (injection) Is reasonably easy to remember and we bill by generic name as well. You do have to create some exceptions occasionally as well.... Peter

Names aint names

Hi Sam, As Peter has said, we use a product code for "Product Name" because we find it easier when training new staff to have a naming convention that allows them to apply a logic to finding particular drugs. It also clusters similiar products together by active ingredient. eg. In Peters example, entering AMCL Will result in a list containing AMCLT50 - 50mg tab AMCLT250 - 250mg tab AMCLT500 - 500mg tab AMCLI175 - Injectable To change the name field in the drug label do the following; 1. Find where your drug label template document is eg. ..\OpenVPMS\openvpms-reports\src\reports\label Dymo.jrxml The last bit is the file name (ie.label Dymo.jrxml) and may be called something different on your system. 2. Open this file in "Ireports" 3. In the "View" menu select "Fields" 4. See if you have a field with the name "product.entity.printedName" If not add a New field and set the following; "Field Name"= product.entity.printedName "Field Class Type"= java.lang.String 5. Now change the text box in the label which has the field "" to the newly created field, "product.entity.printedName". We have found using the Ireport program very useful, but it did take some time to get familiar with it. Can I suggest that you ALWAYS ALWAYS work from a copied file with a different name. That way if your changes make the label stop working you can change it back!! Here are some helpful links if you want to learn mnore about Ireport. [url=]Documentation site for Ireport[/url] Contains some free documents (basic tutorials) as well as some books for sale. Good luck! Matt Costa
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