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I had an idea that it would be useful to be able to link followup tasks to invoice items.

That is, when an invoice item is saved we could have followup tasks automatically be entered on worklists for dates following.


I charge a TPLO surgery. A followup task gets set for reception worklist in 5 weeks time asking them to call owners and book in a recheck appointment. Simultaneously a followup task gets set for 1 week in the surgical worklist for the surgical team to do a followup call.

You would need to be able to configure task message, when it is scheduled relative to the time of invoicing, the worklist and potentially clinician?

I see heaps of ideas and flexability with this idea.

Would others be interested in this?



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Re: Followup task Project suggestion

Certainly doable. From an implementation perspective, it would work in a similar manner to the way patient reminders and alerts that are created when a product is charged.

Re: Followup task Project suggestion

awesome. Can this please be converted into a project when time allows.....



Re: Followup task Project suggestion

Thinking about it some more, does it need to support different work lists at different locations?
E.g. if a product is charged at location A, does the task need to be added to a different work list than if it is charged at location B?


Re: Followup task Project suggestion


Hmmm.... I guess potentially....

I can't think of a scenario for us where we would need to do this.

But I can think of scenario's for others....

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