Inactivated Supplier Veterinarian


I think it was part of the most recent upgrade, but we've noticed that when you inactivate a supplier veterinarian, it also inactivates the clinic from the patient. This means that the patient no longer has any referring clinic details attached to them (they are there in inactive, but email address doesn't come up in the drop down list when you go to send a letter).

I think it previously had the clinic still attached but no veterinarian.

Just wondering how everyone deals with this. I think the options are:

1. Change the name of the supplier veterinarian 'Joe Blog' to 'Vets'?
2. Edit the name 'Joe Blog' to 'Joe Blog previously - please update'
3. Print a report of all animals with Joe Blog as their referring vet and change it to a different vet at The Vet Clinic?
Any other ideas?
Is there a way to merge a supplier veterinarian with another supplier veterinarian?

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Re: Inactivated Supplier Veterinarian

This has always been the case, as the referral relationship is with the veterinarian, rather than the veterinary practice.

In OpenVPMS 2.1:

  • the summary will indicate if either or both of the veterinarian or practice is inactive
  • if the referring vet is inactive, its associated referring veterinary practice will be listed in the To address when mailing, as long it is active

Re: Inactivated Supplier Veterinarian

Hi Tim,

In our system (using 2.1) the associated referring veterinary practice is no longer listed. I've done some screenshots and sent to you privately as it has client details in the screenshots.


Re: Inactivated Supplier Veterinarian

This change was made after the 2.1-beta-1 release. It will be available in the final 2.1 release.

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