Price List missing fixed price

Hi Guys,

Wondering if anyone can tell me how I can get both fixed pricing AND unit pricing to show up on our price list?

At the moment I can only get unit pricing which means a lot of our services/products are blank or incomplete in terms of total cost.

Thanks kindly,


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Re: Price List missing fixed price

Jess - I am 99% certain that the problem you are referring to is one fixed in 9.2

As per the release notes - see one of the bug fixes was:

  • [OVPMS-1893] - Product List Report shows only one price

You can do one of three things:

a) upgrade to 1.9.2 - and install its document templates

b) download the 1.9.2 zip file, un zip it, and install its document templates

c) click the above link to the problem report - attached to it is the updated jrxml - download this (grab the A4 version, not the US version) and edit the Product List Report template to update its content file.


If you are already running 1.9.2 with its report set, then please yell - we would appear to have a problem.


Regards, Tim G


Re: Price List missing fixed price

Hi Tim

Thankyou for replying to Jess - she is now on maternity leave.

I have done as you suggested and edited the Product Price List report with the new JRXML file and unfortunately the outcome is even more unhelpful and problematic.

Now instead of being an uncomplicated list alphabetical in order according to product it is broken down into categories that are incomplete - the items are literally all over the place, and still do not show both the fixed and unit price OR linked fees from template items. The prices that were missing before were the fixed prices. And there are fees that are missing COMPLETELY.

I can't begin to tell you how much of an issue this will cause our business if we cannot have a complete and accurate price list. Our major prices are updated twice a year, and product prices get updated regularly. As a result our paper price list gets updated regularly as well. We operate in a region that often has power outages and internet dropouts. I cannot see that upgrading to 1.9.2 will solve the problem either as the JRXML document is the updated version (correct me if I am wrong).

I'm frustrated and quite frankly infuriated that such a basic requirement essential for any business with any kind of inventory can be so user-unfriendly and unintuitive. Is it possible that the old document format can be reinstated? 

Thankyou for your time,


Sarah Trewartha


Diamond Valley Veterinary Hospitals

Re: Price List missing fixed price

Hi Sarah, it sounds like you have loaded the Product List Report. This orders products by Product Type and then by Product Name. The Product Price List Report orders by Product Name first.

In any case, the reports shipped in 1.9 do not handle linked prices. Please try a corrected version attached to the bug report here: Product Price List Report

Run the report with 'Display explanation' selected to get a description of the report. This appears on the last page.

Re: Price List missing fixed price

In the standard distribution there are two reports for listing products and product prices.

  • Product List Report - Lists products with selection by name, product type, classification and pricing group
  • Product Price List Report - Lists prices as at a date with selection by name, product type, and pricing group

Its not clear if you are referring to either of these or a different report?

Both of these were updated for 1.9, so if you have upgraded, make sure that you are running with the latest versions from <OPENVPMS_HOME>/reports/Reporting/Reports/Product/A4/


Re: Price List missing fixed price

ARRGGGHHH - the embarassment of it - all my fault. The Product Price List Report and the Product List Report both do not handle linked prices. Hence for products that get their fixed price(s) for a Product Price Template, no fixed price is shown.

[The "all over the place" complaint comes from using the Product List Report which groups stuff by Product Type. If one needs a price list ordered by product name, then the Product Price List Report should be used. (This allows selection by Product Type but the output is ordered only by product name.)]

A JIRA has been created - see

This contains the updated versions of the reports.  These will work with 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2 and 2.0

Apologies, Tim G

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