Reports producting different client lists


We are trying to generate a list of circulars to send out to clients using the "Customer Activity Export Report" but when we run that report using a product e.g. Acepromazine %" we get a different list than if we use the  Customer Product Sales Report over the same period for the same product e.g 01/01/2016 to 10/07/2017?

The list returned by the Customer Product Sales Report covers about four pages and looks correct but the Customer Activity Export Report only returns about four customers over the same period?  I am leaving all of the other fields in the report set at "%" apart from the product and the DOB is set from 01/01/1980 to 10/07/2017.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  This is the first time I have tried to use the Export Report.

Cheers Des
PS have been lurking on the list for about 7 years ... first post so please be gentle!!

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Re: Reports producting different client lists

Des - I need to know:

a) what version of OpenVPMS you are running

b) the "Customer Product Sales Report" is a standard report. However "Customer Activity Export Report" is not - the closest standard reports are "Export Customer Addresses for Sales" and "Export Customer Email Addresses for Sales"

AHAH - "Customer Activity Export Report" is from the resource library.  I will grab it and have a look.

ARRGGHH - check out - this is an old report with a number of problems.  Rather that me grabbing it and renovating it, can you please see if you can use either of the two standard ones.

If you are on 1.9 or later you should be OK. If you are on 1.8 or earlier I can probably backport. Do you want email addresses or postal addresses or what?

Regards, Tim G

Re: Reports producting different client lists

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the prompt response!!

The site is running 1.8.

I have just checked the two reports you mentioned as standard reports and both return something like 4 clients when the product sales report returns about 4 pages of names for the same product which is apparently closer to the mark.

They are trying to get the postal address to send out a circular about some new product or procedure they want to notify them about....I am just the dad with some aging IT skills who ends up doing the leg work!!

Cheers Des Thornton

Re: Reports producting different client lists

OK Des, wait one while I have a play.  Regards, Tim G

Re: Reports producting different client lists (SOLVED)

Good evening,

This has been resolved by Tim G.... with much thanks!!

It turns out that when the update to version 1.8 was undertaken the templates were not upgraded so we are carrying some old legacy material.  Solution ....install the new templates to fix the problem which is what will be done.

Once again thanks to Tim for his expert support and advice!

Cheers Des Thornton.


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