Our software license requires you to be a current subscriber to our organisation to be able to use it in your practice. OpenVPMS is a non-profit organisation and relies on financial support from veterinary industry members to fund ongoing development and refinement of our software.

If you are a member of the veterinary profession or wider industry you are free to use our software if you are a subscriber to our organisation. We also encourage members to tell us what improvements they would like to see in the way our software functions and also to contribute to the cost of making changes by donating funds either to the project as a whole or to individual projects.

If you would like to purchase or renew a subscription or donate funds you will need to Login (or join the Community if you are not already a member).

OpenVPMS 1.8.1

The OpenVPMS development team is pleased to announce the release of OpenVPMS 1.8.1.


  • fixes a number of bugs in the 1.8 release
  • improves performance and stability
  • includes report enhancements, contributed by Tim Gething

The release can be downloaded from the Download page.

See Installing OpenVPMS for installation instructions.

Subscription Change Announced

The attached newsletters announce the new subscription rates which will apply from 1 Jan 2016. They were emailed to all current subscribers but are published here for all to read.

Forum Signatures have been enabled

I have enabled signatures for forum users..

A signature is a attached to each post or comment that you make on the forums.

Users can create it in there profile (click "My Profile under the OpenVPMS logo) 

or click here if you are logged in

Then select the edit tab just under your username and scroll down till you see a section called signature then enter what you would like attached to the bottom of each post...in my case I always forgot to sign the post so I have.....(see the bottom)

Please allow me to bypass the spam filters

Unfortunately to protect us from spam we have had to install filters that check if you are a human. If you are a regular user of the forum and would like us to turn off the spam checks on your user account please submit the following form:

Please note in order to have your account approved:

  • you should have been a member of the forum for more than 3 months
  • you must have made at least 3 posts in the past

Please note: you must be logged in to submit this form.

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