Developing OpenVPMS with IntelliJIDEA Community Edition

NOTE: This documentation applies to an earlier version of OpenVPMS, and needs to be updated.


OpenVPMS is now typically built with IntelliJ idea, you can still use any other IDE but IntelliJ is quite a full featured IDE specifically built for Java (it does do other languages)

Setting up IntelliJ for OpenVPMS is pretty straight forward.  

1.  You will an installation of MAVEN - currently OpenVPMS needs a prerequesite maven version of atleast 2.2.1 but you can use higher version successfully.

2. You will need a Java Development Kit installed - choose an appropriate version.  Generally later versions are backward compatible but there may be specific compile time bugs that need working through.

3. Run through File - Settings in intellij to configure the environment properly.

The page

details checking out OpenVPMS using maven and subversion  -  keep in mind you probably dont have permission to commit back to the OpenVPMS repo, so you are going to want to configure your own versioning system locally and or remotely.

Choose from GIT, SVN or Mecurial as IntelliJ supports these by default.

GIT may be a good choice because by default you can use it to checkout a SVN project with a complete history using 

git svn --help

It checkouts the project and creates a GIT repo locally in one go.

IntelliJ supports running maven commands from within the IDE

You may wish to install a number of 3rd Party Plugins into Intellij 

 1. Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ idea 

 2. Maven Helper

 3. Maven Test Helper.

 4. .ignore 

These are not required but they can provide extra information from within the IDE

Once you have imported all the projects into IntelliJ you can use the MAVEN PROJECTS window to run maven goals that are listed on other pages in this book.




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