This screen displays the current orders. Note that when you first open this screen after logging on, no orders will be displayed, even though there are some - press the Find button to display all orders that are in progress with delivery pending for all suppliers and all stock locations.

The top part of the screen is a standard select screen. The bottom part displays the selected order and line item details.

Apart from the date, the selection fields are:
Supplier - the supplier - leave blank to select all suppliers
Stock Location - the stock location - leave blank to select all stock locations
Status - can be All or one of the allowed statuses
Delivery Status - can be All or one of the allowed delivery statuses

The fields in the order header are as follows:
Id - the ID of the order
Supplier - the supplier to whom the order is being made
Stock Location - the stock location for which the product is being ordered
Date - the date on which the order was created
Notes - any pertinant notes to the supplier - these will be displayed on the order
Amount - the amount payable to the supplier (ie the sum of the line item total amounts)
Tax - the total tax amount included in Amount
Printed - the checkbox will be ticked if the order has been printed
Status - the order status
Delivery Status - the delivery status
Supplier Response -the response (if any) from the supplier (eg 'widgets on backorder' or 'widgets no longer available')

The Items tab shows the line items in the order. If you select one, its details will be displayed as follows:
Product - the product being ordered - note that this is our product name, as opposed to the supplier's (given by Reorder Code and Description). This is a link and you can click on it to get to the Product|Information screen for this product.
Reorder Code & Description, Package Size & Units - see see the Suppliers tab of the Products|Information screen
Quantity - the quantity ordered
Received & Cancelled Quantity - the quantity received and cancelled
Tax - the total tax payable for this line item
Total - the total line item amount - this will equal the Quantity times the Nett Price plus the Tax.

Buttons: For an 'In Progress' order the available buttons are shown above. If there are no orders displayed, then only New, Generate Orders, and Check In-Box are displayed. For a 'Finalised' order, the Delete and Finalise buttons will not be displayed. Apart from the standard ones, the buttons are as follows:

Finalise - initiatiate the process of placing the order. A confirm window will be displayed to let you confirm the Finalise. If you press OK, the order status will be set to 'Finalised'. A print window will be displayed to let you print, preview or email the order.
Print - print the selected order.
Mail - email the selected order.
Copy - copy this order to generate another - you would probably use this to make a copy of a previously completed order so that the items on it can be re-ordered. The new order will be presented in the Order Edit screen so that you can make any adjustments necessary.
Generate Orders - run the Generate Order process to generate the orders - this will bring up a confirmation window to allow you to specify the supplier and stock location. See here for help if you are not generating the orders you expect.
Check Inbox - pressing this checks to see if there are any messages from the ESCI interface, and if so sets the red 'have messages' alert in the messages icon at the top left of the screen. If the alert comes on, then you can use Workflow|Messaging to examine the messages.

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