Customer Orders

The Customer Orders screen displays the status of customer orders and returns.

Orders and returns are created:

  • by Pharmacy Services when pharmacy products are dispensed
  • when treatments are given in Smart Flow Sheet that have billing enabled

Returns are created by Laboratory Services when laboratory orders are cancelled.




Customer orders can be queried by:

Type The customer order type. Defaults to All, indicating all order types.
Status The customer order status. Defaults to In Progress.
Date Range Filters orders and returns based on their creation date. If All is selected, no filtering occurs.
Location The practice location where the order was created. Restricted to the locations visible to the current user.
Customer The customer that the order belongs to
Clinician The clinician responsible for the order


The following actions may be performed:

New Create a new order or return.
View View the selected order/return.
Edit Edit the selected order/return.
Delete Delete the selected order/return.
Invoice Where possible, OpenVPMS will automatically process orders and returns during the Check-In, Consult, and Check-Out worfklows. This button can be used to charge orders and returns outside of workflows. See Order Charging and Return Charging below
Print Print the selected order/return.
Mail Email the selected order/return.

Order Charging

If the selected order does not relate to an existing invoice, a new Invoice will be created.

If the order relates to an existing invoice, and the invoice is:

  • In Progress - the order will update the invoice. For each corresponding line item:
    • The order Quantity will be added to the Received Quantity
    • The invoice Quantity will be set to the new Received Quantity
  • Finalised - and the order quantity is:
    • equal to the invoice quantity - the order will be Finalised
    • greater than the invoice quantity - a new Invoice will be created. The new line item quantity will be the difference between the order and invoice quantity.
    • less than the invoice quantity - a new Credit will be created. The new line item quantity will be the difference between the invoice and order quantity.

Warning: if there are multiple orders or returns relating to a single invoice, and that invoice is Finalised, these will not be taken into account when determining the new Invoice/Credit quantity.

Return Charging

If the selected return relates to an existing invoice, and the invoice is:

  • In Progress - the return will update the invoice
  • Finalised - a new Credit will be created

Laboratory Returns

Laboratory Returns are different to other Returns in that their only action is to set the corresponding Investigation status to Cancelled. They don't change the Invoice Quantity, nor do they create a Credit if the Invoice is Finalised.

This is because there is not a 1:1 mapping between Invoice Items and Investigations. If a Laboratory Return is received, any Invoice amendments must be done manually.


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