The Import button initiates the Import Stock process by displaying an upload window to let you select the file to be imported.

The file must have the same format as that exported via Export Stock. However, you can add extra columns on the right (such as Remarks, Counted By, etc) to help with the stocktake process and these will be ignored. You cannot have extra rows containing stocktake instructions etc - the only rows allowed are the header and stock data rows.

If the file can be imported, a new Stock Adjustment will be created, containing a adjustment for each line of the imported file where the New Quantity is different to Quantity. The Adjust Quantity By is calculated as New Quantity - Quantity.

The Stock Adjustment status is set to In Progress, allowing it to be edited. To apply the changes, it must be Finalised.

Import Errors

If there are errors detected in the import file, these will be displayed and the file not imported.

The possible errors and their causes are outlined below:

Error Cause
A value for <column name> is required

A mandatory value is missing. Values for Stock Location Id, Stock Location Name, Product Id, Product Name, Quantity and New Quantity must always be provided.

'<some value>' is not a valid value for <column name> An invalid value has been specified for Stock Location Id, Product Id, Quantity or New Quantity.

Expected '<name 1>' but got '<name 2>'

A Stock Location Name or Product Name has been provided that is different to that stored.
Stock location not found The stock location with the specified identifier cannot be found.
Product not found The product with the specified identifier cannot be found
Expected <value 1> for Stock Location Identifier but got <value 2> A different Stock Location Identifier has been entered to that already present. An import file can only have data for a single Stock Location.
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