File Name Format

This screen allows you to create/view/edit a File Name Format.

These are used to format the names of documents generated from a Document Template.

The fields are as follows:

  • Name - the format name
  • Description - a description of the format
  • Expression - the xpath expression to format file names

The expression is provided with:

  • a $file variable. This represents the file name of the original template, minus the extension
  • the object that the template is being applied to e.g. act.customerAccountChargesInvoice, act.customerAccountPayment, act.patientDocumentLetter, act.customerDocumentForm, act.supplierDocumentAttachment
  • a $patient variable, if a patient is linked to the act
  • a $customer variable, if a customer is linked to the act, or the owner of the patient, if a there is only a patient present
  • a $supplier variable, if a supplier is linked to the act

To ensure that generated file names are valid, any illegal characters such as \, /, :, *, ?, <, >, and | are replaced with underscores.


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