This screen is to used to review and correct errors that have occurred when sending reminders.

The fields are as follows:

Type Selects the type of reminder.
All When selected, show all reminders that have failed to be sent.
When deselected, the Send date is used to filter reminders.
Send All reminders with a Send date on or before this date will be shown.

Used to filter reminders by a customer's preferred practice location, to support location specific content. Selecting:

  • a practice location, returns reminders for customers that have the location set as their preferred location
  • All - returns reminders for all practice locations

The columns are as follows:

Type Shows the reminder item type. These determine how a reminder will be sent.
Status The reminder item status. On the Errors tab, these will always be Error.
Send The date from when the reminder should be sent.
Due Date The reminder due date for the reminder count.
Customer The customer to send the reminder to.
Patient The patient the reminder is for.
Reminder Type The name of the reminder type.
Count The number of times the reminder has been sent.
Error The error encountered processing the reminder. See below.


The buttons are as follows:

Find Find all reminders matching the criteria.
Edit Edit the selected reminder
Resolve Resolve the error with the selected reminder, making it a candidate for sending again. Note that pressing 'Resolve' simply removed the error flag - it does not actually fix the underlying cause of the error, so if you do nothing to fix the cause, the error will occur again when the reminder is next sent.
Resolve All Resolve the errors with the all reminders matching the criteria, making them candidates for sending again.
Complete Marks the selected reminder item as Completed, without sending it. If the associated reminder has no other Pending reminder items, it's reminder count will be incremented.
Complete All Marks all reminder items matching the criteria as Completed, without sending them. If an associated reminder has no other Pending reminder items, it's reminder count will be incremented.

Error Text

In most cases the error message will be self explanatory, some are not:

No rules match the customer contacts
This means that there are no rules for the given reminder type and reminder count that match the customer contacts. E.g, it will occur if you have a single rule to email reminders, and the customer has no email contact.
It can also occur if the document templates aren't fully configured. You can glean more information from openvpms-full.log. Look for messages containing the text:

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