Create/Edit/View Service

This is the create/edit/view screen for products that are Services.

The fields are as follows:
Id - the ID of the product
Name - its name
Printed Name - the name that will be displayed when the invoice etc is printed. If omitted, then the Name will be used.
Active - uncheck this box to deactivate the product
[1.7.1] Selling Units - the units by which this is sold (eg Unit, Hour, Day, etc). The available choices are set by the Administrator|Lookups|Units of Measure screen. Note that for most services, this can be left at the default (normally Unit), and it only needs to be set for services like Boarding and Theatre Time that will be sold in quantities other than one. [Note that this facility was added in the 1.7.1 release and is not shown on the above screen shot.]

See Tabs for a description of the fields in the various tabs.

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