Stock Adjustment Create/Edit

This is the screen used to create or edit a Stock Adjustment transaction.

The fields are:
Date - the date of the adjustment
Stock Location - the stock location at which the adjustment is to be done
[1.7.1] Reason - the reason for the adjustment. [This was added in 1.7.1 and hence is not shown in the above screen shot.]
Status - this can be 'In Progress' or 'Posted'.  It will be 'In Progress' initially, and will change to 'Posted' when the adjustment is Finalised.

Items tab - this shows the line items in the adjustment, and the details of the selected item. The details fields are:
Product - the name of the product
Quantity - the amount by which the quantity is to be adjusted. This number can be negative to reduce the stock or positive to increase it.  It is NOT the new stock in-hand (which will be the Current Quantity + Quantity entered when the transaction is finalised).

[1.7.1] This has been renamed to Adjust Quantity By, to better reflect what it does.
Current Quantity - this shows the current quantity

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