New in 1.7.1

The full list of changes can be found here. The majority are bug fixes.  Notable changes are listed below.


Services - Selling Units

A Selling Units field has been added to service products so as to provide a quantity description for services.  See here.

Product Export/Import Max Discount

Product Export and Product Import now support the price Max Discount field.

Stock Transfer and Stock Adjustment reason

Stock Transfer and Stock Adjustment transactions now include an optional reason field.

Stock Adjustment Quantity field renamed

When performing Stock Adjustments, the Quantity field has been renamed to Adjust Quantity By, to better indicate what it does.

Medical Records

Screen Appearance

  • All the different type of items in the Medical Records screen can now have different colours. See here for how to modify them.
  • You can now change the widths of some fields. See here.
  • The quantity is now displayed after the label, to improve readability


Clickatell SMS Sender ID

The Sender ID can now be specified when sending SMSes via the Clickatell SMS service.

Users with an existing SMS Configuration: Clickatell SMTP Connection must create a new one in order to use this feature.

The Sender ID must be approved by Clickatell before if will be accepted.

International mobile numbers

Mobile numbers prefixed with the '+' may now receive SMS messages.


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