The Administration|Templates screen is a select screen that allows you to select the specific Template to be viewed or maintained.

There are 6 different template types:

The Letterhead type configures the letterhead and properties of specific templates.

Note that the only diffence between Email Templates and System Email Templates is that the System Email Templates are not available as templates on the Email Write screen. Thus System Email Templates are normally used as the email templates specified as the Email Template in Document Template to be used when emailing the document.



The buttons are as follows:

  • New
create a new item.
  • View
view the selected item.
  • Edit
edit the selected item.
  • Delete
delete the selected item. An item cannot be deleted if it is in use.
  • External Edit 
used to edit the document content of those templates which have Open Office .odt document contents
  • VetCheck
launch VetCheck to administer VetCheck templates.
This is only displayed if Enable VetCheck has been selected on the Practice.

When items are displayed and they are all of the same type, then the columns change to suit the type - contrast the screen below which displays Document Templates with that for the All case above.

The meanings of the column headings are documented in each of the Template create/edit screens in this section.

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