Create/Edit Form

This is the screen used to create or edit a form document in the patient's medical records. See Concepts|Documents for background.

The fields are as follows:
Start Time - the date on which the entry was created - defaults to today
Description - any pertinent description
Status - this can be In Progress, Completed, or Finalised.  In Progress implies that you are still working on this; Completed implies that you have finished - but the entry can still be editied; and Finalised means that it is really complete and can no longer be edited.
Printed - this box will be checked when the form has been printed
Form - select the form to print - these are the document templates that are of Type 'Patient Form'
Product - select a product if appropriate. This is here so that if the form selected is sensitive to the current product, the form can include product information.  Thus, for example, we do not have to have a vaccination certificate for each type of vaccination - we can just have a general certificate that prints the name of the current product.
Clinician - the appropriate clinician - normally the form will display the clinician's name


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