Online Investigations with IDEXX VetConnect

OpenVPMS can submit online orders for patient Investigations, and automatically have the results attached and displayed in patient history.

To do this:

  1. enable plugin support, if required
  2. install the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS plugin
  3. configure the IDEXX VetConnect plugin
  4. synchronise data
  5. link devices to Practice Locations
  6. add tests to products

1. Enable Plugin Support

Plugin support is provided in Administration - System - Plugins.

See the corresponding help for instructions on enabling plugins.

2. Install the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS plugin

The IDEXX VetConnect plugin is a file with a .jar extension provided by IDEXX, and will be named something like vetconnect-openvpms-plugin-2.2.jar.

To install it:

  • go to Administration - System - Plugins
  • click Install Plugin
  • in the Upload window, select Browse and enter the path to the plugin .jar
  • click Send
  • once uploaded it should appear in the list of plugins as IDEXX VetConnect PLUS OpenVPMS plugin, with a status of Active

3. Configure the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS plugin

The IDEXX VetConnect PLUS plugin needs to be configured to enter the user name and password to connect to IDEXX VetConnect PLUS.

To configure it for the first time:

  • log out and back in again
    This is required as the plugin installs archetypes which won't be immediately visible, due to caching
  • go to Administration - Laboratories and select New -> IDEXX VetConnect PLUS and enter the user name and password provided by IDEXX
  • click Apply
  • click Mappings - Species Mappings to map OpenVPMS species to their equivalents in IDEXX
    Select the Other species if there is no direct match.
  • click OK

4. Synchronise data

With the IDEXX VetConnect PLUS laboratory created in step 3 selected, click the Synchronise Data button.

This will create Investigation Types, Laboratory Devices and Laboratory Tests for use with IDEXX VetConnect PLUS.

Two Investigation Types will be created:

  • IDEXX VetLab Station - for tests that are performed by in-house IDEXX VetLab Station devices
  • IDEXX Reference Laboratory - for tests that are performed by an IDEXX Reference Laboratory

All IDEXX VetConnect PLUS test will be linked to one of these two Investigation Types.

5. Link Laboratory Devices to Practice Locations

Practices with multiple Practice Locations should limit which Practice Locations can use which Laboratory Devices.

To do this:

  • show the available Laboratory Devices in Administration - Laboratory; and
  • edit them; and
  • add the correct Practice Location to each device on the Locations tab

6. Add Laboratory Tests to products

Tests are ordered by attaching them to products. When the product is charged, the associated tests will be used to create an Investigation which will be submitted to IDEXX VetConnect PLUS.

The results will be automatically attached to the investigation as they become available.

To attach tests to a product:




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