This screen displays the Communication with and Alerts for, the current customer - or if there is no current customer, a Select button allowing you to select a customer.

A customer can have any number of Communications and Alerts. If there are active Alerts then these are also shown in the Customer information panel.


Communications are used to log:

  • notes
  • emails
  • mail
  • SMS messages
  • phone calls 

These can be logged manually, or automatically via the Practice option Log Communication. SMS messsages are always logged, in order to manage SMS delivery.

When automatic logging is enabled:

  • ad-hoc email related to a customer will be logged.
    The patient will be included, if one is present
  • emails will be logged during reminder processing
    • listed for phone calls will be logged as a Phone communication
    • printed for mailing will be logged as a Mail communication

Automatic logging does not occur during statement processing.

The Communication screen is as follows:

The top half of the screen is a select screen. In addition to the date range, you can select by:

Patient  If no patient is selected, all communication with the customer is displayed.
If a patient is selected, only communication involving that patient is displayed
Type Determines which communication types to display. Defaults to All.

The table shows the matching communications, and the bottom half of the screen, the details of the selected communication.

The buttons are:

New Create a new Note
Log Displays the New Communication Log window to log communication with a customer
Edit Edit the selected communication
Delete Delete the selected communication

New Communication Log

The Log button displays a New Communication Log window, to select the type of log to create.


The Alerts screen is as follows:

The top half of the screen is a select screen. As well as the date, you can select by:
Alert - either all or one of the alert types as defined via Administration|Lookups|Customer Alert Type
Status - the status of the alert, either All, Completed, or In Progress

The table shows the matching alerts, and the bottom half of the screen, the details of the selected alert. For details of the fields see Create/Edit Alert.

Note that this screen shows the customer alerts - it does not show those alerts set via the Customer Account Type. As you can see in the above, this customer is a VIP customer and thus shows the mauve VIP Customer alert in the left panel. However, you can see that this is not listed as one of the current customer alerts.

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