Some document templates have been either renamed, had their content name changed, or are no longer used.

Changes from 1.8 to 1.9

If you have upgraded from 1.8 and you have used the templateload utility to load the 1.9 template set, then the following templates can be deleted as they are no longer used:

Name Content
Counter Sale Items Counter Sale Items.jrxml
Credit Items Credit Items.jrxml
Debtors - Current - SubReport2 Debtors - Current - SubReport2.jrxml
Supplier Credit Items Supplier Credit Items.jrxml
Pharmacy Return Items Pharmacy Return Items.jrxml
Refund Items Refund Items.jrxml

Changes from 1.7 to 1.8

If you have upgraded from 1.7 and you used the templateload utility to load the 1.8 or 1.9 template set, then, unless you have manually deleted them, you will have obsolete 1.7 document templates in your system. The table below lists those templates that can be deleted.


  1. If you have customised versions of some templates and when customising them you did NOT change the content name (eg your Invoice template still uses content named "invoice A4.jrxml") then obviously you should not delete the template.
  2. The list below includes both the A5 and A4 template sets, and if you loaded the A4 set, then you will not have the A5 versions of some templates (eg, Counter Sale, Credit, Invoice, etc), and vice versa if you loaded the A5 set.

Name Content
Appointment Appointment A5.jrxml
Bank Deposit Bank Deposit A4.jrxml
Counter Sale countersale a4.jrxml
Counter Sale countersale a5.jrxml
Counter Sale Items countersaleItems.jrxml
Counter Sale Items countersaleItemsA5.jrxml
Credit credit a4.jrxml
Credit credit a5.jrxml
Credit Adjustment Credit Adjustment A5.jrxml
Credit Items creditItems.jrxml
Credit Items creditItemsA5.jrxml
Customer Account Balance Report customerAccountBalance.jrxml
Debit Adjustment Debit Adjustment A5.jrxml
Desexing Certificate desexing certificate a4.odt
Desexing Certificate desexing certificate a5.odt
Drug Label label Dymo.jrxml
Estimate Estimate A4.jrxml
Estimate Estimate A5.jrxml
Estimate Items Estimate Items A4.jrxml
Estimate Items Estimate Items A5.jrxml
Grouped Reminders Report grouped reminders a4.jrxml
Invoice invoice a4.jrxml
Invoice invoice a5.jrxml
Invoice Items invoiceitems.jrxml
Invoice Items invoiceitemsa5.jrxml
Invoice Reminders invoiceRemindersA4.jrxml
Invoice Reminders invoiceRemindersA5.jrxml
Message message a4.jrxml
Order Items orderItems.jrxml
Patient Clinical Event patientClinicalEvent a4.jrxml
Patient Clinical Event patientClinicalEvent a5.jrxml
Patient Image patientDocumentImage.jrxml
Patient Reminders Report patientReminders.jrxml
Receipt receipt a4.jrxml
Receipt receipt a5.jrxml
Receipt Items receiptItems.jrxml
Receipt Items receiptItemsA5.jrxml
Refund Refund A5.jrxml
Refund Items Refund Items A5.jrxml
Reminder Cartrophen First cartrophen first reminder.odt
Reminder Desexing First desex first reminder.odt
Reminder Vaccination First vaccination first reminder.odt
Reminder Vaccination Puppy and Kitten First vaccination puppy kitten first reminder.odt
Reminder Vaccination Second vaccination second reminder.odt
Statement statement A4.jrxml
Statement statement A5.jrxml
Statement Items statementItems A5.jrxml
Statement Items statementItems.jrxml
Stock Adjustment Stock Adjustment A4.jrxml
Stock Adjustment Items Stock Adjustment Items A4.jrxml
Stock Take List Report stock take list.jrxml
Stock Transfer Stock Transfer A4.jrxml
Stock Transfer Items Stock Transfer Items A4.jrxml
Supplier Credit Supplier Credit A5.jrxml
Supplier Credit Items Supplier Credit Items A5.jrxml
Supplier Invoice Supplier Invoice A5.jrxml
Supplier Invoice Items Supplier Invoice Items A5.jrxml
Supplier Refund Supplier Refund A5.jrxml
Supplier Refund Items Supplier Refund Items A5.jrxml
Supplier Remittance Supplier Remittance A5.jrxml
Supplier Remittance Items Supplier Remittance Items A5.jrxml
Task Task A5.jrxml
Till Balance TillBalance.jrxml
Vaccination Certificate vaccination certificate a4.odt
Vaccination Certificate vaccination certificate a5.odt
Work In Progress Report workInProgress.jrxml


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