This screen is used to manage deposits from tills into deposit accounts

How To Summary:

  1. if necessary, press Select to select the account
  2. press Find to find the undeposited amounts
  3. press Print to print the deposit slip
  4. press Deposit to do the deposit

Having done steps 1 & 2 the screen will look like the one below. Note however that here we have set the Status to 'All' to show the Deposited amounts as well - the default is 'Undeposited' and this will show only one item (or none if there have been no till clearances since the last deposit).

The top half of the screen works as a standard select screen to select and display the Bank Deposit records for the selected account. The bottom half shows the payments making up the selected Till Balance.

If the Deposit Account displayed is not the one you want, press the Select button to select the required account.

The Status can be set to All, Deposited or Undeposited.

Note that the account details shown on the right of the Select button are not updated immediately you make the deposit. They will be updated if you select a different account and then switch back again. (This is a known bug.)

The columns in the top half of the screen are as follows:
Date - this shows the date of the first till balance made after the last deposit was made, ie it will have the same date as the earliest till balance in the set shown at the bottom of the screen.
Type - this always shows as 'Bank Deposit'
Status - will be either Deposited or Undeposited. These should be only one line with status Undeposited, but this will not appear until the first till balances is done following the last deposit.
Amount - this shows the total of the till balances that are part of this deposit.  It will always be negative because OpenVPMS treats amounts that the customer owes us a positive, and the amounts they pay as negative.
Description - always blank

The fields in the top of bottom half of the screen are as follows:
Start Time - the date of the first till balance in this deposit
End Time - blank if this deposit is still undeposited, else shows the date on which the deposit was done. (Note that because of a current bug, this field is always blank.)
Amount - the sum of all the amounts in the till balances shown in the columns below
Printed - this is set if the deposit has been printed
Status - shows Deposited or Undeposited

The columns in the bottom half for the Till Balance records are as follows:
Date - the date of the till balance
Type - the transaction type, always Till Balance
Amount - the amount of the till balance
Description - almost blank

If you select a Till Balance record, its details are shown (as they are in the above screen shot). For further information see Reporting|Till Balancing.

Buttons - the buttons are as follows:
Deposit - initiates the deposit (there will be a confirmation window). This button will not be present if there is no Undeposited item.
Print - initiates the printing of the Deposit Report for the selected Deposit Account. This will be useful when you go to the bank.

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