Import Laboratory Test Data

The Import Laboratory Test Data window is used to import laboratory test data for offline laboratory providers.

This can be used to:

  • create and update the laboratory tests for a provider
  • update the unit prices for products that use the tests

File format

The file must be specified in a comma-separated-values format, containing the following columns:

Column Required Type Description
Laboratory Yes String The laboratory name. Alphanumeric.
Code Yes String The test code. This is the laboratory's unique identifier for the test.
Name Yes String The test name.
Description No String The test description.
Specimen No String Specimen collection details.
Turnaround Time No String A description of the turnaround time.
Price Yes Number The cost price.


On import, a list of the imported tests will be displayed. If the tests haven't been imported before, enter the Investigation Type that the tests will be associated with.

Click Next to save any changes.

The Update Product Prices window will be displayed.
Here, products that use the tests will be shown, if their current cost price is different to the sum of the test prices.

Select the products that should be saved.
By default, all those products whose unit prices have increased will be selected.

Click OK to save selected products.


The following products will not be updated if a test price changes:

  • Products that only have fixed prices
  • Products with unit prices that have Pricing Groups


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