Upgrading to OpenVPMS version 1.5.1

Upgrading to v1.5.1 from v1.4

  1. Download the OpenVPMS installation files from here. Unzip the installation pack onto your OpenVPMS server: this should create an openvpms-release-1.5.1 folder.
  2. Back up your OpenVPMS database.
  3. Stop Tomcat:
    1. Right-click on Computer;
    2. Click Manage;
    3. Click Services and Applications | Services;
    4. Click on Apache Tomcat n.n;
    5. Click on Stop.


  4. Navigate to db folder. Open Command Prompt (Ctrl-Shift-Right Click):


  5. Start the mysql command line client and enter the following commands highlighted in yellow (don't leave out the semi-colon):
    mysql -u root -p. Enter your password. Mysql prompt appears.
    mysql> use openvpms;
    mysql> source migrate-1.4-to-1.5.sql;


  6. Allow command to run then quit;.


  7. Copy connector.jar
    from c:\openvpms-release-1.4\lib
    to c:\openvpms-release-1.5.1\lib.

    This file should already be in your Program Files\Tomcat n.n\shared\lib\ folder.

  8. Browse to bin folder and open command prompt (Ctrl-Shift-Right Click):
    Run archload. Close window when complete.


  9. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat n.n\webapps.
    Select and delete both the openvpms folder and the the openvpms.war file.


  10. Copy .war file from c:\openvpms-release-1.5\lib
    to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat n.n\webapps:

  11. Close everything. Restart Tomcat. Start openVPMS.


Created 21 Mar 2012, updated 7 Aug 2012

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