This screen is used to create/view/edit the details of the Country lookups. Note that you need at least one of these - for the country that you operate in. You may need others if you have customers or suppliers located in other countries.

The fields are as follows:

Code - the code for the country. It is conventional to use the standard country codes (eg see, but you can in fact use any upper case letter string (eg AUST, or AUSTRALIA in place of the standard AU). Note that once you have created the Country Lookup, you cannot change the Code - you have to create a new one, and then use the Replace mechanism.
Country - the name of the country
Default - check the box to make this the default country
Active - uncheck the box to deactivate the country

States tab - this is used to display and set the States that are part of the country - use Lookup|State to create these

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