Known Issues

This page documents any known issues that may cause problems. Note that it does not list problems reported against earlier releases of OpenVPMS that are not yet resolved, but rather issues that may cause you problems with this release.


Reports that include parameters that have default values that use other parameters are no longer supported.
This may affect users that have customised the standard reports.
This is due to a bug in JasperReports - see here.

For workarounds to this issue, see here.

Note that a common symptom of this problem is that the report runs happily with iReports preview but when run in OpenVPMS generates no output.

Appointment Series

If you set up a series of weekly appointments and then modify 'from this point on' in the middle of the series, AND the new timings overlap with the old, then on first day of the modifed set, there will be a duplicated appointment - ie that day will show both the appointment for the old start/end times and the one for the new start/end times.

If the new times do not overlap the old, then there is no duplication.

The work around is to simply delete the appointment with the original times on the 'from this point on' date.

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