This window is used to create and edit a Work List Task.

The fields are:
Customer - the customer - this is a mandatory field
Patient - the patient - this is an optional field
Task Type - the task type - see Administration|Types|Task Type
Started - the date and time that the task was started
Completed -the date and time that the task was completed
Notes - any pertinent notes
Clinician - the clinician - this is an optional field
Status - the status can be one of (in logical order) Pending, In Progress, Billed, Completed or Cancelled

Note that normally both the status and the completed date/time are updated by the system when you use the Consult (sets status In Progress) and Check-Out (sets status Completed and the Completed date/time) buttons on the Work List screen, and Complete/Finalise (sets status Billed) button on the Invoice screen.

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