Create/Edit Prescription

This is the screen used to create or edit a prescription. See Concepts|Prescriptions for background. In the picture below, the prescription has already been dispensed once so the 'Dispensing' tab is shown. If the prescription was being created the Dispensing tab would be absent.

The fields are as follows:
Date - the date on which the prescription was created - defaults to today
Expiry Date - the date on which the prescription expires. After this date, the prescription cannot be dispensed nor deleted. Note that this is totally separate from the Expiry Date set when you dispense the item - which is of course the expiry date of the dispensed medication. This date defaults to today plus the Prescription Expiry interval set for the practive - see Administration|Organisation|Practice. If you have not set this, then it defaults to zero and the Expiry Date will default to today.
Quantity - the quantity to be dispensed each time
Repeats - the number of repeats
Medication - the product
Label - the dispensing label text - this defaults to that set for the product. This will be the label when you actually dispense from this prescription.
Clinician - the clinician
Times Dispensed - the number of times that this prescription has been dispensed.

The Dispensing Tab shows the information for previous dispenses of this prescription.

Note that when you set up the prescription, you are functionally authorising the dispensing a total of (qty x (repeats+1)).  Hence if you set the Quantity to 2 and the Repeats to 5, the total quantity being authorised is 12.

Note also that when the prescription is dispensed neither the Quantity nor the Label text can be altered. If these do need to be altered, this must be done by editing the prescription itself.

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