This window can be used to print, preview and email customer statements.

The fields are:

  • Current
Print the current statement for the customer. This statement is not finalised.
  • Include Completed Charges
If selected, any Completed charges will be included when printing the current statement.
These are excluded by default, as they can still be edited.
By default, only Finalised charges are included.
  • Include Fee
If selected, include an indicative accounting fee for overdue charges when printing the current statement.
  • Issued
Print an issued statement. If a customer has no statements, this will not be displayed.
  • Dates
Print all transactions between the two dates inclusive.
  • Printer
Shows the default printer for the current location, if this is defined (see Administration - Organisation- Practice Location), otherwise the first available printer. Use the pull-down to select the required printer.
  • Copies
Sets the number of copies required.



  • OK
to print on the selected printer
  • Cancel
to cancel printing
  • Preview
to generate and display a copy of the statement as a PDF.
  • Mail
to generate a copy of the statement and bring up an email window to email it.
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