This page documents the various common tabs on the on the supplier edit screens.

The common tabs are: Account Type, Categories, Stock Locations, and also Contacts. (Note that since the latter is also used for customers, practice and practice locations, it is documented in Concepts|Contacts.)


Account Type tab
This is used to set the Supplier Account Type. Note that this is an information setting - it does not affect the way in which the system treats suppliers.

Choose the account type from the list. Those available are set via Administration|Lookups|Supplier Account Type.


Categories tab
This is used to set the categories (zero, one, or more) to which the supplier belongs.

Use the arrows to move the selected item from the Available list to the Selected list and vice versa.

Note that those available are drawn from differents list depending on the type of supplier you are editing - see Concepts|Categories.


Stock Locations tab
This is needed only if you use the ESCI facility - if you don't use this, don't bother with this tab.

The fields are:
Stock Location - the stock location
Account ID - the account number }
Service URL - the URL                 }that the ESCI facility uses to access this supplier
Username - the user name          }
Password - the password            }

Pressing the Test button checks that these settings work.

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