Calendar Block

A Calendar Block is a block of time in a schedule that can be used to:

  • limit scheduling of appointments
  • reserve the schedule for specific customers

The fields are:

Block Type - the type of the block, e.g. Public holiday, Reserved for Puppy School etc
Name - the name of the calendar block. If none is specified, the Block Type name will be displayed. E.g. the Block Type may be Public holiday, and the Name Easter.
Start Time - the date and time that the block will start
End Time -the date and time that the block will end. If the practice operates on a 24 hour basis, you can create the appointment to run across the midnight boundary - ie start 23:00 on 3/7/13 and end at 00:30 on 4/7/13.  For multi-day calendar blocks, you can enter a relative date such as 7d and this will set the end time to 7 days after the start time. (Note that using relative dates normally sets a date relative to the current date - in this case it is relative to the start date.)
Duration - the calendar block duration, expressed in days, hours and minutes.
Repeat - determines the calendar block recurrence. This has the same options as Repeating Appointments.
Notes - optional notes.
Author - the user that created the calendar block.

Block Type

The Block Type:

  • provides a default name for the calendar block, if no Name is specified
  • determines the colour of the block in the schedule
  • can be used to reserve times for customers


By default, a Calendar Block will allow appointments to be scheduled during the block period, with a warning.

A Calendar Block may be used to reserve times in a schedule by selecting a Block Type that is specifies reservations for particular customers. An appointment will only be allowed to be created if a customer is one of the types identified by the Block Type.


Calendar blocks may not overlap existing appointments or other calendar blocks.

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