This Investigations screen is used to display the status of investigations. For background see Concepts|Investigations.

This is a standard select screen. As well as the date range you can select by:

Search - use this to locate investigations by patient names or investigation identifier.
Status - can be set to All, Cancelled, Finalised or In Progress - see below.
Order Status - can be set to Incomplete, Pending, Sent, Received, or Reviewed - see below. If set to Incomplete, this will match investigations that are not Reviewed.
Location - filters by the practice location where the investigation was created. Restricted to the locations visible to the current user. Investigations with no location (i.e. investigations created prior to OpenVPMS 1.8) will always be displayed.
Clinician - filters by the clinician who created the investigation.
Investigation Type - filters by investigation type.

The column headings are as follows:
Date - the date on which the investigation was initiated
Investigation Type - the type of investigation - clicking on the link takes you to the Administration|Types|Investigation View screen to view the details
Customer - the owner of the patient at the time of the investigation.
Patient - the patient - this is a link and you can click on it to go to the patient's medical records screen
Request Id - the unique number that identifies the investigation
Status - the status - see below
Order Status - the order status - see below
Product - the product that invoked the investigation, or, if the investigation was manually initiated, the product (if any) specified
Clinician - the name of the clinician (note that in this example the practice is using the convention of using 'short names' for their clinicians) - clicking on the link takes you to the Workflow|Messaging screen to display messages to this clinician.
Location - the practice location where the investigation was created. For investigations with no location (e.g. those created prior to OpenVPMS 1.8), this will display None.
Supplier - the organisation doing the test or procedure - clicking on the link takes you to the Suppliers|Information screen to display the supplier's details
Report - if results have been received, they will be shown here - clicking on the link will display or download the result image/document. Note that in the above screen shot you can see that the majority of the results files have the investigation number as the first part of the file name - this allows the automatic loading of the results file by the document loader program.

The Status will be one of the following:

  • In Progress - the initial status
  • Cancelled - the investigation has been cancelled
  • Finalised - the investigation has been finalised and only limited editing is supported.

The Order Status will be one of the following:

  • Pending - the order/lab request is yet to be sent. This is the initial status.
  • Sent - the order/lab request has been set. This is automatically set for HL7 Laboratory orders.
  • Received - the results have been received. This is set by the document loader utility or the Document Loader Job when they import the results.
  • Reviewed - the results have been reviewed

All of these can be set manually.

The View and Edit buttons have their standard meanings.

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