This is the screen used to select the order line items for which you want to create a delivery. The picture below shows the screen after a supplier and stock location (for which there are outstanding orders) have been entered and the Find button pressed.

The screen will show the line items for all the current finalised orders for which there have been no deliveries yet.

You can see that there are two types of rows in the table, the first shows just the order date, and the second the line item(s).  In the above picture there are two orders, each with one line item.

Check the appropriate boxes.  If all the line items in an order are being delivered, check the order date row - this will automatically select all items in that order.  If only some line items are being delivered, check those and not the order date row.

If you got a part delivery of an item (ie you ordered 20 and got 15), then tick the line - so that this line item gets included in the delivery record, which then you can edit to correct the delivered quantity from 20 to 15.

Press OK to continue, or Cancel to abort.

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