The Administration - ESCI screen provides support to:

  • View and Edit ESCI suppliers
  • Manage inboxes

The buttons are as follows:

  • View
view the selected Supplier
  • Edit
edit the selected Supplier
  • Check Inbox
check the inbox for documents from the selected supplier at the Stock Location, and process them.
  • Check All Inboxes 
check the inboxes for documents from all ESCI suppliers
  • Manage Inbox
manage the ESCI inbox for the selected Supplier and Stock Location


An Inbox is a service provided by an ESCI supplier that that contains responses to OpenVPMS orders for a particular Stock Location.

These are stored as documents that conform to the UBL specification.

An Inbox may contain two types of documents:

  • OrderResponseSimple - a response to an OpenVPMS order, indicating if it has been accepted or rejected
  • Invoice - an invoice for an OpenVPMS order. OpenVPMS uses these to create Delivery records.

OpenVPMS processes the responses sequentially, acknowledging them as they are successfully processed.
If a response cannot be processed due to an error, no other responses in the Inbox can be processed until the error is resolved.


The Inbox window displays pending documents from the selected Supplier and Stock Location and enables them to be managed.

This can be used to:

  • selectively process documents, ignoring errors in Invoice documents that refer to non-existent orders
  • administratively delete a document that cannot be processed

This provides the following the functions:

  • Refresh  
refresh the list of pending documents.
  • Process
process the selected document.
  • Documents can be processed out of order, but this is not recommended as it can lead to errors.
  • If an Invoice cannot be processed, it can be retried with errors caused by incorrect order references being ignored.
  • Delete
delete the selected document.
This should only be used where a document cannot be processed due to some unrecoverable error.


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