The customer notes area in OpenVPMS has been modified to split notes into notes and alerts.  This was done to allow more detailed display of customer alert information in the customer summary section as well as to make customer alerts work the same way as patient alerts.  These changes are detailed in the following JIRA request  and you can see an example of the new customer summary display in this screenshot.

Customer Alerts Screenshot


The previous Alert button has been replaced with specific coloured and prioritised buttons which can can clicked to get more detailed information.  These alerts are also displayed while creating and editing appointments.

During the upgrade to 1.5 the database update script finds all the Customer Note Category lookups that are associated with Customer Notes that have the Alert flag ticked and then creates new Customer Alert lookups for these.  The lookups have their Priority field set to High and their Colour set to Red.  It then migrates all the existing Customer Notes that have alerts to be Customer Alerts and deletes them from the Notes.

In order to setup the colours and priorities of these new Customer Alert Type lookups you need to go into Administration -> Lookups and edit the newly created lookups to your desired settings. 

Customer Alert Type editing

You are of course free to add additional Customer Alert Types.

From a user perspective they will need to told that they need to now make a decision in Customer -> Notes & Alerts which they will create.  Only alerts will be displayed in the customer summary and new appointment screens.

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