Create/Edit Investigation

This is the screen used to create/view/edit investigations.  For background see Concepts - Investigations.


The fields are as follows:

  • Date
the date on which the investigation was initiated
  • Investigation Type
the type of investigation - these are set up via Administration - Laboratory - Investigation Type
  • Laboratory
the laboratory that is performing the test(s) associated with the Investigation
  • Device
the Laboratory Device that the test(s) will be performed by
  • Notes
optional notes to associate with the investigation
  • Status
this will initially be 'In Progress' - for other settings see Concepts - Investigations
  • Order Status
the status of the order. This will initially be 'Pending' to indicate that the order has not been sent. For other settings see Concepts - Investigations
  • Clinician
the associated clinician
  • Report
use the Select button to add the results report to the investigation. Note that if there is an existing report, the first will be pushed down into the Versions tab.
If the investigation has been ordered via an online laboratory, (see Concepts - Investigations) there should be no requirement to manually attach the report.
  • Tests
the test(s) to perform
  • Products
the product(s) that ordered the investigation
  • Results
results of the investigation
  • Versions
used to display and manage previous versions of the reports.


The Print Form button is used to print the Investigation form.


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