The Administration|Lookups screen is a select screen that allows you to select the specific Lookup to be viewed or maintained. These Lookups are used mostly to define the values that can be entered in various fields - for example the Species can only be set to one of the define Species Lookup Types. Below is the screen as initially displayed but with the Types pull-down list showing.

Each Type has its own view/edit screen. Note that those shown are only a subset of the full set of Lookup Types which is as follows:

Appointment Reason
Contact Purpose
Credit Card
Custom Payment Type
Customer Account Type
Customer Alert Type
Customer Insurance
Customer Note Category
Customer Referral
Customer Type
Customer Vet
Demographic Update
Duration Formats
Message Reason
Message Status
Patient Alert Type
Person Title
Practice Type
Product Group
Product Income Type
Reminder Group
Report Macro
Report Type
Supplier Account Type
Supplier Type
Tax Type
Units of Measure
Units of Measure Group
User Type
Veterinary Speciality

Once you have pressed the Find button and items are displayed, more buttons are displayed as shown below.

The Delete button will initiate the deletion of the selected item. You will not be able to delete it if it is in use.

The Replace button is used to to either to remove all usages of the selected item or to replace all usages of the selected item with another. To illustrate when you would want to do the second, assume that you have been using two Product Groups, Washing and Cutting which you now want to combine into one. You would do this by first editing Washing to change its name to Grooming, then Replacing Cutting by Grooming and checking the 'Delete lookup?' box - see Confirm Replace. Note that if the lookup has a target relationship (eg Suburbs which have an associated State) then you will not be able to replace SuburbA by SuburbB if these two are not in the same State.  Similarly you cannot replace BreedA by BreedB unless both have the same Species.

When items are displayed and they are all of the same type, then the columns change to suit the type - contrast the screen below which displays as below with that for Banks above.

The meanings of the column headings are documented in each of the Lookup Type create/edit screens in this section.

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