Health Level Seven (HL7) is a set of standards for Healthcare Data Interchange and Interoperability.

OpenVPMS can send and receive HL7 2.5 messages for select events as follows, using the MLLP protocol.

Patient Administration Messages

Patient admission, discharge and update messages are can be sent to registered Patient Event Services and Pharmacies.

See HL7 Patient Administration Messages  for a list of messages sent and the events that trigger them.

Pharmacy Orders and Dispenses

Pharmacy orders can be be placed to external pharmacies during invoicing, using the HL7 RDE O11 message type.

Orders are placed for products or product types that specify a Pharmacy or Pharmacy Group.

Pharmacy dispense messages (i.e. HL7 RDS O13 messages) can be received from external pharmacies. These are used to create Pharmacy Orders or Pharmacy Returns, which may be automatically invoiced during charging, or via Workflow - Customer Orders.

See HL7 Pharmacy Messages for the supported messages, and the events that trigger them.

For instructions on configuring OpenVPMS to interface with a pharmacy, see How To - HL7 Pharmacies

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