Payment Types

The system allows for customer payments by the following methods:

  • cash - with support for rounding (ie cases where the amount is $12.33 and the smallest coin is 5 cents) and change calculation
  • credit card
  • EFT - with support for 'cash out'
  • cheque

You can also include a discount at payment time. ie the amount payable is $100 and this is paid by $80 credit card payment plus a $20 discount.

One payment can also consist of multiple types, ie $100.75 can be paid by a $100 cheque and 0.75 cents cash.

The system also supports a payment type of 'Other', and Administration|Lookups|Custom Payment Type is used to define these.

The system also support payments by BPAY (an Australian payment portal) in that a facility is provided to generate the required Customer Reference Number to be shown on the invoice.

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