Help Topics

When you click Help in the top menu line or press Alt-H, a help topics window is displayed.

In the standard system this provides four links, Help Topics (which links to this), An Introduction to OpenVPMS (which links to the Introduction section), OpenVPMS Concepts and Glossary (which links to the Concepts section) and User's Forum (which links to

You can modify these and add more topics by editing the file in <TOMCAT_HOME>\webapps\openvpms\WEB-INF\classes\localisation.

If you are going to provide Local Procedures, then this is how to provide links to them.

Note that you can provide a simple local procedures document by writing what you need with your favourite word processor and then creating a pdf (called say localProcs.pdf). You can place this in TOMCAT_HOME>\webapps\ROOT and the entry will be like:

help.topic.5.title = Local procedures
help.topic.5.url = http://localhost:8080/localProcs.pdf

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