The Diagnostics window supports viewing:

This can aid quick diagnosis of problems where access to the server or database is limited.

The buttons are:

  • Refresh
Refresh the current view.
  • Mail
Emails a snapshot of the system information.
  • Re-load Log4j configuration
Available on the Logs tab. Re-reads the log4j2.xml file in <TOMCAT-HOME>\webapps\openvpms\WEB-INF\classes and then apply the changes without having to restart Tomcat.
See also Troubleshooting.


This tab  displays:

  • Total Memory
The maximum amount of memory that the Java virtual machine will attempt to use.
  • Free Memory
The amount of unused memory.
  • Use
The memory use, expressed as a percentage.
  • Allocated Now
The amount of memory currently available to the Java Virtual Machine.
  • Free Now
The amount of memory currently available to the Java Virtual Machine that is unused.

MySQL - InnoDB

This tab displays the result of the SQL statement:


If the message:

Access denied; you need (at least one of) the PROCESS privilege(s) for this operation

is displayed, it means that the MySQL user doesn't have permissions to execute the command.

This can be granted using the following SQL statement:

GRANT SELECT, PROCESS ON *.* TO 'openvpms'@'localhost';

Replace 'openvpms' and 'localhost' the actual database user name and host if they have been changed from their default values.

NOTE: this may not take effect until Tomcat has been restarted.

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