This screen allows you to view/edit the details for each Task Type. This and Organisation|Work List determine what appointment types can be made.

The fields are as follows:

Task Type - its name
Description - you can use this to clarify the type of task
Colour - used to set the colour used to identify task types in the worklist screen. You use the mouse to select the colour via the colour and luminosity/hue boxes. If you want to check the colours of the different task types, the easiest way to do this is to view the task type and then to use the Next and Previous buttons to run back and forth through the different types.
Note that you should avoid the 'light cream' colour f2f3b3 which displays as follows:
because this is used to highlight the selected item on the Workflow|Work Lists screen.
Active - uncheck the box to deactivate the Task Type

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