Rostering enables employees to be scheduled to work, and identifies which clinicians can be scheduled for online booking.

To set up rostering:

  1. Enable rostering at the Practice Location
  2. Create Roster Areas
  3. Assign users to Practice Locations
  4. Enable Online Booking for clinicians
  5. Configure Caching
  6. Create Shifts

1. Enabling rostering at the Practice Location

In order to do rostering it needs to be enabled. This is done on a per-Practice Location  basis.

  1. Go to Administration - Organisation
  2. Edit the Practice Location that rostering is to be used at
  3. tick the Rostering box
  4. change the Roster Check Period, if required.
    This determines how far into the future to check the roster when scheduling clinicians to appointments. E.g., if the period of 4 weeks, the roster will be checked when assigning a clincian to an appointment created between the current date and 4 weeks in the future.
    If a clincian isn't rostered on, a warning will be displayed.

2. Creating Roster Areas

Roster Areas are areas within a Practice Location where employees work, e.g. Surgery, Reception, Grooming, or Boarding.
They can be assigned Schedules, indicating which schedules a clinician can work on.

  1. Go to Administration - Organisation
  2. New Roster Area
  3. Enter the Name, optional Description, and practice Location, and add any Schedules.
  4. click OK
  5. repeat for each area in the practice

3. Assign users to Practice Locations

This step applies to multiple-locaction practices, where employees only work at one or several of the practices. It can be skipped for single-location practices.

In the Employees view of the Rostering workspace, all employees who can work at the current location are displayed.
To ensure that only those employees who work at the current location are displayed:

  1. Go to Administration - Users
  2. edit each User and on the Locations tab, add the practice locations that the user works at

4. Enable Online Booking for Clinicians

By default, online bookings aren't associated with any particular clinician. To allow customers make an online booking with specific clinicians:

  1. Go to Administration - Users
  2. edit each clinician User, and click the Online Booking flag


  • clinician availability is determined by the clincian's roster. A clinician will be unavailable if no roster has been set up for the period when a customer makes an appointment
  • the booking provider must support v2 of the OpenVPMS Booking API

5. Configure Caching

Rostering data is cached for performance reasons. Two caches are used, Roster By Area, and Roster By Employee. The default sizes of these are determined by the number of Roster Areas and the number of Users respectively.

These only need to be changed if Roster Areas or Users are added or deleted or marked inactive.

To configure Rostering data caching:

  1. Go to Administration - System
  2. click Caches
  3. select Roster By Area
  4. click Edit
  5. select Suggested, and click OK
  6. select Roster By Employee
  7. click Edit
  8. select Suggested, and click OK
  9. click Close

6. Create Shifts

Employees are rostered to areas by creating Shifts in Workflow - Rostering.
New shifts can be created by double-clicking in an empty cell on the Areas or Employees tab. Shifts can be copied using Ctrl-C and pasted into an empty cell using Ctrl-V.

To avoid scheduling warnings when assigning clincians to appointments, shifts should be created at least a week beyond the Roster Check Period.




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